Episode 82: Bryan & Tyler (aka The Steve Harvey episode)

Bryan Duff and Tyler Samples

Comedians BRYAN DUFF and TYLER SAMPLES entered a morass of misogyny when they went to a Steve Harvey show taping with 2000 men in the audience. This is their hilarious and horrifying story.

Update #1: Thank you to Jezebel and Defamer for writing about what Bryan & Tyler saw at the taping. Both articles also contain the text of Tim Dunn’s original Facebook post that inspired me to ask Bryan and Tyler onto the show.

Update #2: Chicago Tribune article with Steve Harvey Show statement.

Update #3: Gawker follow-up with stories from other attendees.


0:00 Intro

0:50 Bryan and Tyler endured a 10-hour taping of the Steve Harvey Show.

2:15 An audience member brought his own popcorn for Steve Harvey to try. This may be the only sweet moment from the taping.

“This is gonna be a fun dumb way to spend 4 or 5 hours on a Sunday.”

4:35 They explain exactly why they went to the men-only show.

7:00 They were e-mailed a 53-question survey. Tyler shares the skewed survey questions & answers. The idea of not going never crossed their minds. Their group began to realize they didn’t fit in.

“There were a lot of warnings…honestly, there is no one to blame but ourselves.”

18:45 The men-only show started and the curtains raised to reveal women onstage. There was catcalling and verbal harassing of the women.

24:45 Sammy gives a little background on Steve Harvey. Bryan and Tyler share Steve Harvey’s hunter analogy.

“Anyone who didn’t give the most misogynistic answer or perspective, on either side, would just be like shut down completely.”

27:10 Bryan, or his misogynist character rather, got a job offer. Bryan and Tyler detail the audience’s hostile reactions to the female guests and one of the male guests.

37:00 They analyze Steve Harvey’s logic on infidelity and sexual mores.

“When you have 2000 men who think it’s a show about and for them and then 150 women who know what’s actually going on…it does not go well.”

44:00 Sammy wonders if there were any “good guys” in the crowd and wonders about Bryan’s character, Mr. Rape Culture. They didn’t know it was going to be a ten-hour taping.

51:00 They share their highlights and lowlights of the taping.

59:00 Despite his experience, Tyler still has hope.

1:03:00 Outro, during which Bryan plugs his fucking High School reunion…again.

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