Episode 81: Diane & Andy

Diane Teng and Andy Junk

Lockpicker Andy Junk & gymnast Diane Teng team up and break into the PopFury Podcast to talk overly dramatic athletes, dating a clown, stabbing each other, financial advice, Seinfeld, and Andy’s frivolous purchases.  (Special appearances by the Blue Angels from the Chicago Air & Water Show)


0:00 Intro

1:05 Sammy marvels at the fitness of his guests. Diane is training for a triathlon; Andy biked 500 miles for Bike4ROW.

“You know what? Athletes are sooooo weird. They’re kinda babies.” -Diane

4:10 Andy thinks Diane is a dreamer. Diane thinks athletes are overly dramatic.

13:00 We make Diane talk about doing gymnastics as a kid. We then make her talk about the clown she met online.

23:30 A Russian body builder declared his abs stab-proof and made his party guest stab him. Diane would totally stab Andy.

“I like to talk out loud…WAIT! Think out loud!” -Diane

27:10 Andy is Diane’s financial advisor. We learn that Diane eats A LOT.

“I have no problem with the amount that she’s eating. I have a problem with the amount she’s spending.” -Andy

33:35 A man dressed as a bear and then harassed bears eating fish at a river. Andy has punched a bird off his head; Diane has been bitten by every animal ever.

39:00 Diane has never seen any of the Star Wars movies. Both Andy and Diane have exercise tricks and mantras to get them through the worst of it.

“I get sweet sweet satisfaction when I pass someone on a nicer bike than me.” -Diane

46:30 Diane just binge watched Seinfeld and we discuss our favorite characters and episodes.

52:50 Sammy asks the duo how much money it would take to be happy. Andy discloses his frivolous purchases.

“Actually, the detachable bidet I did buy in a fervor—I actually got next day shipping. I needed it. I needed it!” -Andy

59:40 Andy talks about marriage. Sammy forces Diane to talk about marriage.

1:03:40 Outro, during which Andy savages my intro voice over.

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