Episode 80: Mary Beth Smith

Mary Beth Smith

Comedian, monologist & podcaster MARY BETH SMITH keeps her cool cool cool when we chat Animorphs, street harrassment, Roller Derby justice & how she met her beau.  


0:00 Intro

0:40 MBS has had a crappy day but is staying positive.

“It’s just been a haberdashery of coolness in the past two-four hours for MBS”

6:00 A South Carolinian woman claims she saw a Lizard Man. 

10:20 MBS explains why it is important to be a well-rounded person and how she brought her dad around on certain topics. She talks about her own transformation in high school.

“These books are so absurd…and I could not love them more.”

24:00 She is re-reading the Animorphs books, which she breaks down in excruciating detail. Sammy doesn’t understand the following words: Yeerks, Andalites, Hork-Bajir, Taxxons, Visser Three, Smorkblaks, nothlit.

“This was another time where I almost said something and I fucking should have…and I’m mad that I didn’t!”

36:30 A Roller Derby girl, Ida B. ChoAzz, thwarted a mugging attempt. Sammy seizes his opportunity to work MBS up about street harassers.

47:00 An 80-year old man smoked a pipe while waiting for a rescue from his sinking car.

“That second date was just like, ‘Oh, yeah, this is gonna be a thing.'”

49:45 MBS recounts how she met and started dating her boyfriend Eric.

1:02:45 Outro

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