Episode 8: Andy Carey

Andy Carey

Improvised Shakespeare’s ANDY CAREY squeezes in a visit in to Studio 1Q before he performs later that night. We talk about his son’s name, being in a horrible Superbowl commercial, parenting his son’s pop culture consumption, HBO shows and Andy’s improvised Hip Hop class.


Andy begins our podcast with a soft cheer.

Andy’s son, Keagan, is named after Keegan-Michael Key and Keegan left a nice message after Andy’s son was born.

We talk about the triumph and the tragedy of Andy being in the worst commercial of Superbowl XLI. While that Salesgenie.com commercial was bad, the next one was flat out racist.

Andy and Sammy talk about being a parent and foisting pop culture upon your kid, even while in the womb and immediately after birth. Andy is reading the Hobbit to Keagan and Sammy forces Andy’s to do the voices.

Andy forbids Sponge Bob at home, hates Caillou, and says no to Crash and Berstein.

Keagan is totally into Minecraft and was introduced to Star Wars by his Godfather. Rene. Andy had to look up whether or not to take Keagan to Guardians of the Galaxy and has made peace with what music they listen to in the car.

Andy talks about men losing their roles due to societal progress.

Andy has started watching Wire and constantly asks Sammy for the names of actors that Sammy can’t remember. Andy loves the language of Deadwood.

Finally, we talk about his Improvised Rap workshop being their hip hop tour guide and teaching flow.

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