Episode 79: Katharine & Carolyn

Katharine Cikanek And Carolyn Sinon

KATHARINE CIKANEK and CAROLYN SINON return to PopFury to discuss being hit on, getting Old Yeller’d, asking someone on a date, Kermit The Frog’s break up, human poop fertilizer & Osama bin Laden’s Whitney Houston fixation.


0:00 Intro

0:40 Carolyn was half an hour late. Katharine just had her last day of work. Carolyn ridiculed Sammy’s impromptu marriage proposal.

“When you major in musical theater you don’t ever imagine that things like this will be a part of your life.” -Katharine

6:45 Carolyn went to Cancun to swim with whale sharks. Sammy is more interested in the British guys who hit on her.

17:00 Sammy avoids Carolyn’s whale shark story with a news item about a 110-year old woman who drank 3 Miller High Lifes a day. Katharine and Carolyn ponder the oldest they’d want to be.

“The second my mind starts going or I can’t walk anymore…someone Old Yeller me. Please.” -Carolyn

27:45 Carolyn begins to tell her whale shark story–Sammy thinks her story is bullshit and talks about dating instead.

“Well I want to make sure that all the men who asked me out on Facebook THIS month know I’m not talking about them.” -Carolyn

41:00 Carolyn finally talks about her stupid whale shark experience.

46:00 Kermit the Frog announce his and Miss Piggy’s break up. Sammy asks if Katharine or Carolyn could date Kermit.

“People aren’t taking shits in the middle of the park and claiming land for Britain. This isn’t what’s happening!” -Katharine

52:30 Chicago Parks are using human waste biosolids for fertilizer. Apparently, Katharine suffers from poop-blindness.

58:30 Osama Bin Laden was a huge Whitney Houston fan.

1:02:55 Outro

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