Episode 78: Lisa & Tim

Lisa Burton and Tim Dunn

Uncool kids LISA BURTON & TIM DUNN nerd it up when we talk accents, haunted houses, Cecil the Lion, an activist turkey, high school bus rides and Tim’s new girlfriend, Ronda Rousey.


0:00 Intro

1:20 Sammy is concerned about Lisa taking advantage of Tim.

“…no beating around the bush here, like why don’t you come and make out with me?” -Lisa

5:30 A UK man called the police when his girlfriend allowed her cat to eat his bacon.

10:15 We delve into the accents we love and hate the most.

“I’m probably going to choke to death on a beignet when I go to New Orleans.” -Tim

17:00 Lisa loves ghost stories. We discuss what makes a good haunted house (and Hell House). Lisa tells the story of the Woman in White.

25:30 Michelle Obama would like to be Beyonce. Tim and Lisa share what celebrities they’d like to be.

32:18 Sammy asks what one thing Lisa and Tim would change about their careers.

36:02 We dig into the online furor surrounding the death of Cecil the Lion.

“Sammy, are you siding with the dentist here? Is that what you’re saying?” -Lisa

41:45 A turkey is terrozing the University of Michigan campus.

45:00 Lisa amuses and horrifies us with her school bus stories.

“Oh, that has a happy ending…kind of.” -Tim

53:10 Neither Tim or Lisa were cool kids in high school. Lisa ran with the FIYA HAZARDS and plugs the shit out of Whistle Binkies.

“We should move on before I sound un-feminist.” -Lisa

59:00 Ronda Rousey destroyed yet another MMA opponent!

1:04:45 Outro

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