Episode 77: Bobby Evers

Bobby Evers

CHIRP Radio DJ Bobby Evers is full of heart stuff! He talks about his cabinet of friend consultants, first dates & worst dates, selfie tips and why women have to flirt.


0:00 Intro, with an extended & detailed description of the OTHER Chirp website

3:24 Bobby explains why people like him and breaks down his coterie of friends that he consults with and why.

“Sometimes you want someone to validate your neuroses a little bit.”

12:00 A man was caught having sex with shrubbery.

“The thing where people say you do things for the social media validation? That is so true for me.”

15:15 French kissing with HPV makes head and neck cancer more likely. We end up talking the etiquette of first date kissing and going out on dates.

23:45 Bobby shares the best and worst first dates he’s been on.

28:30 A woman flirted too much and was caught trying to smuggle drugs. Bobby explains her motivations via a hypothetical science-fiction narrative construct.

32:15 A Taco Bell that serves liquor will have a bouncer. Bobby reveals he was a picky eater and doesn’t drink alcohol.

“There’s nothing you can do to make someone like you more…there’s only things you can do make them like you less.”

37:10 Bobby has done online dating.

42:45 A man took a selfie with a rattlesnake…and got bit. Bobbie shares a bathroom selfie tip. He shares his friend’s nicknames.

“That would be selfie revisionism and I’m not going to do that!”

49:25 A doctor declared a woman dead. She wasn’t dead. We discuss the formality of calling someone “Doctor”

54:25 Outro, where Bobby jumps the gun on plugging his shit.

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