Episode 75: Daniel Strauss

Daniel Strauss

Second City’s DANIEL STRAUSS returns to PopFury to yell angrily at Sammy yet again! Daniel talks about his trip to a WWE event, Twitter shutting down joke thieves,  his high school days in a band, Hulk Hogan’s racism and the Ashley Madison hack.


0:00 Intro

1:30 New father Daniel shares what he’s learned about babies.

“You had all the facts on that story wrong!”

6:15 Daniel yells at Sammy when Sammy gets everything wrong about Daniel’s trip to a WWE event with Mark Colomb.

12:45 His favorite Second City set guest was pro-wrestler Colt Cabana.

14:55 JDate is suing JSwipe.

18:20 Twitter is cracking down on joke thieves. All angry internet people sound like the Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock and Daniel is doubtful about the Muppet Show.

“You know that song the goes, ‘This is the story of a girl / who cried a river and drowned the whole world’? He said that’s what we sound like.”

25:00 Daniel’s parent’s disapproved of his video game habits and tolerated his band. Also, holy shit you guys, he was in two bands in high school!

31:20 The redesigned Chuck 2.0 shoes are coming out this month.

35:30 Key & Peele are ending their show.

“It’s disgusting. It’s disgusting that it left his mouth. It’s disgusting that he said it. And, to be honest, he’s a disgusting person.”

39:15 Hulk Hogan is a racist.

43:15 A wife used Google Street View to catch her husband smoking. The adultery website Ashley Madison was hacked.

49:05 Outro, during which Daniel plugs his name doppelgangers and gives a shout out to his parents.

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