Episode 74: Mark Colomb

Mark Colomb

Podcaster, writer and filmmaker MARK COLOMB urges you to be vocal fan of your creative friends, talks about becoming more positive (and less of an asshole), moving to Denver, movie criticism and his disdain of internet culture.


0:00 A very special throwback Intro

1:45 Mark gives props to Daniel Strauss and Sammy.

3:20 Mark got a press pass and took photos at the Pitchfork Music Festival.

“Let’s go on the assumption I’m the asshole then…what can I do to fix it?”

7:40 We delve into our self-critical natures. Mark talks about when and how he made the turn for the positive.

“The only way to beat back the darkness as it were is to join hands and go, ‘These are my friends, we all make things together and we’d like you to look at them…and we don’t fucking care if you don’t like them.’”

18:50 Mark is a Facebook share machine

22:45 Mark is moving to Denver with his wife Mel Evans. Sammy asks he if has any Chicago regrets.

25:15 PopFury listener Stephen Garvey corrects Sammy’s correction of Tim De La Motte.

27:20 Backstreet Boys andNSYNC are making a zombie western movie. Pixels is being savaged by critics. We get into a spirited discussion about Adam Sandler, movie criticism and piracy.

36:00 Online sexist dudes are literally losers. Mark hates the internet community.

“Everyone is a fucked up disaster. Everyone’s such a mess, like a burning tire fire.”

43:10 Patton Oswalt disappointed Mark. He talks about looking forward, quitting drinking and yells at Sammy about Kevin Smith.

“Give that gift to someone every single day of just a little bit of encouragement…because you want that too in your life and people don’t do it.”

52:50 Mark recommends Ex Hex, Wilco’s Star Wars, Kurt Vile, Rick Remender comics & the movie Tangerine. He offers advice on giving encouragement and recalls the best thing someone’s done for him.

1:01:10 A very special throwback Outro

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