Episode 73: Alex Trepka

Alex Trepka

Improvisor and gentleman ALEX TREPKA respectfully discusses his coif, his obsession with The Dark Knight, a sense-deprived birthday, classic game shows and, finally, transforms into a southern lawyer.


0:00 Intro

0:45 Sammy is enamored by Alex’s coif.

“I will say it was the male ‘Rachel’ of my life.” -Alex

2:30 Alex is currently “funemployed”

9:20 He will be driving the support van for Bike4Row

11:57 Alex quickly gives his spoiler-free thoughts on Ant Man and then goes totally Rain Man for Dark Knight.

“I would rather have a surprise party than a surprise funeral I guess is what I’m trying to say.” -Alex

17:50 A woman’s funeral service was attended by costumed mourners. Sammy wonders what Alex would have worn and what type of funeral he’d have.

23:00 Alex spent his birthday in a sensory deprivation tank

28:35 Man accidentally shot himself at his Birthday party. Alex respects the Dead.

32:15 Donald Trump keeps talking shit. Alex respectfully disrespects the Donald.

36:00 We argue about the pronunciation of GIF. Alex respects the Developer.

37:00 Alex talks about his Ballers, Jeopardy & his favorite classic game shows.

“I think that sometimes I could use a little bit more straightforwardness instead of speaking in  metaphors and stuff like that.” -Alex

46:10 Sammy thinks Alex has an old soul when it comes to comedy and manners. Sammy wonders if it has affected his professional or personal relationships. Alex respects his time dating women in Chicago.

53:35 Two Utah teens Periscoped their theft of an ice cream cart. Duelling Southern lawyers argue the case. Alex recalls his own JackAssian antics as a teen.

1:03:10 Outro

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