Episode 71: Emily Harpe

Emily Harpe

Actor EMILY HARPE talks about moving to LA, attending an Aretha Franklin concert, her pre-death one-woman show and gets confused about how the Twerkbutt works.


0:00 Intro

0:45 Sammy doesn’t understand Emily moving to L.A. to pursue acting, doesn’t understand Emily going to grad school for acting, doesn’t understand Emily living in Indiana and doesn’t understand Emily going to college in her late 20s.

10:20 Jon Hamm broke up with his long-time girlfriend. Emily was a Ryan Gosling fan but is a (young) Kyle MacLachlan fan now.

13:05 While in Chicago, Emily went to an Aretha Franklin concert and Irish Fest.

19:04 A couple punished their daughter by making her live in the woods. We discuss how Emily is close with her brother, Ben.

“Isn’t it like a mating call? Why would you twerk by yourself?” –Emily

26:25 Emily completely misunderstands how the Twerkbutt (NSFW) works.

28:45 Chester, a terminally ill dog, did a bucket list of activities. Emily would put up a farewell show if she knew she was dying.

“Let’s bring up a bunch of cute animals onstage to dance with me. It’d be their last wish too.” –Emily on her final ‘farewell show’

34:20 A man drugged his girlfriend so he could keep playing video games. BUT SHE BROKE UP WITH HIM FOR A DIFFERENT REASON!

36:30 Outro

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