Episode 70: Erin & Tyler

Tyler Samples and Erin Thorn

Actors, comedians & podcasters Tyler Samples and Erin Thorn talk about the type of folks you see at conventions, what’s wrong with Forrest Gump, the Minions movie (and toy controversy!) and Magic Mike XXL.

Also, they may or may not thoroughly beat down various movie trailers for children’s movies.


0:00 Intro

1:55 Tyler and Erin went to Brickworld, a LEGO convention. We talk about the type of people you see at Conventions.

7:40 Sammy is distracted by Erin’s accent and this into a tangential spoiler-filled discussion about Game of Thrones.

14:35 We go deep about what our personal philosophies are. We talk about our personal transformations and journeys.

“You’re like a smart Forrest Gump.” –Tyler to Erin

21:35 Tyler & Erin outline their issues with Forrest Gump and Back to the Future. Tyler forces Sammy to disclose his own journey. We get confused about the difference between empathy and sympathy.

27:35 Sammy thinks Tyler looks great. Erin shares her experience as a women at DragonCon…where she is pretty sure she met a cop.

“Did you just have a stroke?” –Sammy on Tyler’s Vin Diesel ‘impression’

32:10 Tyler is mad at JJ Abrams for ruining Star Trek. The new Batman Vs Superman trailer turned around Sammy and Tyler’s opinions on the movie. Erin can’t get past Diane Lane as Superman’s mom.

“I am disgusted at the state of animation and children’s movies right now.” –Erin

37:45 Tyler and Erin went to see Minions. They run down the Mom’s Minion meme, the McDonald’s Minions toy controversy, kids movies, the trailers before Minions and, finally, the Minions movie itself. Oh, and Erin loses her shit talking about the Lava musical short before Inside Out.

59:45 Tyler is performing in a sexy-time dancing show (not a sexy time-dancing show) and saw Magic Mike XXL as ‘homework’

1:06:10 Erin is performing the mop’s role of Dawn in a stage version of Buffy’s “Once More With Feeling” episode. We stumble through remembering what shows were on in the same era as Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

1:11:00 Tyler won’t watch Frasier until he watches all of Cheers. Erin says A Different World holds up “like crazy.” Tyler gives props to MASH.

1:15:10 We do the first and last ever PopFury Hot Reads as we do a quick wrap up of the San Diego Comic Con: Archie is coming to the CW, Ash vs Evil Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Common on Hell on Wheels, Man from UNCLE, Man in the High Castle.

1:20:10 Outro and plugs

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