Episode 69: Tim Chidester

Tim Chidester

TIM CHIDESTER, whitebread spy, slinks into Studio 1Q to talk about his guidelines for being a good person, old manning a concert, the decline of courtesy and being a secret agent.


0:00 Intro

0:55 Sammy randomly ran into Tim, who for some mysterious reason, was returning from the library.

4:35 Tim moved to Chicago when he was 17. Sammy is amused at Tim’s whitebread background and amazed by his boldness.

11:15 Sammy Google Street Viewed his childhood home.

13:50 Tim loves spy novels. He is a doer and hates Peter Lorre-types. Sammy asks what Tim’s guidelines to being a good person are and dovetails into Tim’s relationship with his girlfriend.

24:05 Tim loves going to concerts; Sammy has only been to one concert. Tim “old mans” the concerts he goes to.

28:40 A Broadway audience member tried to plug in his phone onstage. We lament the decline of courtesy. Tim hates participation trophies and explains his mindset from when he first started doing improv. He may or may not say “meow meow.”

39:05 Shaggy believes his music can stop ISIS. Tim doesn’t care for post-show chumminess by strangers.

44:05 The Russian Interior Ministry has launched a “safe selfie” campaign. Tim likes that his girlfriend takes selfies of them as a couple.

“The ‘Invite All’ is the Facebook equivalent of walking four-abreast on the sidewalk.” – Tim Chidester

51:50 Over the weekend, four Russian long range bombers intentionally flew near US airspace. Sammy wonders if Tim would be a good spy and if he could go off the grid.

1:00:15 Outro

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