Episode 67: Mel Evans

Mel Evans

Comedian and writer MEL EVANS graces PopFury one last time before departing Chicago. Mel holds court about practicing for long-distance relationships, the Girl Scouts’ awesomeness, Donald Trump’s idiocy, sharks & Bennies on the Jersey shore and offers parting advice for performers in Chicago.


0:00 Sammy plays a special song for Mel’s final PopFury episode

1:30 Mel and her beloved husband Mark are leaving Chicago for Denver.

5:00 She and then-boyfriend Mark practiced for a long distance relationship. In a twist of fate, her ex-high school boyfriend friended her husband on Twitter.

10:30 A Girl Scouts chapter turned down a donation for $100,000 in order to stand up for LGBT girls. Mel decides what modern badges she would qualify for.

16:00 A North Carolina yoga studio is offering Cat Yoga. Mel remembers transporting her cat to Chicago.

22:10 Sammy questions Mel’s medications and the process of switching sides of the bed with your significant other.

24:10 Michael Bay is producing a remake of Hitchcock’s The Birds.

28:50 A man fought off a shark by punching it. Sammy wonders why sharks go to New Jersey. Mel explains Bennies and Shore socializing.

35:50 Donald Trump…that fucking guy. Sammy asks Mel how rich she would have to be to be happy.

42:00 Chicago’s “cloud tax” went into effect today. Mel details her visit to a Denver Marijuana Dispensary.

46:30 Present-veteran-leaving-Chicago Mel gives advice to past-noobie-entering-Chicago Mel…and to all performers in the Chicago scene.

53:15 Outro

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