Episode 66: Katharine & Carolyn

Katharine Cikanek And Carolyn Sinon

The raucous raconteurs KATHARINE CIKANEKĀ and CAROLYN SINON bring their rowdy shenanigans to PopFury! They also bring out in the worst in Sammy as we talk about the Supreme Court’s ruling, birthing pants, embarrassing moments, tattoos and Orange is the New Black.

Technical note: PopFury is experimenting with new mics, so please forgive any minor sound issues in this episode!


0:00 Intro

1:00 The Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Carolyn shares her #PenskePride moment. Katharine’s human connection on the CTA is ruined by Sammy.

12:20 A Malaysian company created birthing pants for pregnant Muslim woman. Katharine and Sammy are intrigued when Carolyn says she hates being naked.

20:00 Disney has banned selfie sticks. We discuss how we are uncomfortable when interacting with strangers.

27:20 A Canadian police helicopter accidentally broadcast the ribald conversation of the crew over it’s loudspeakers. Carolyn shares an embarrassing moment. Sammy embarrasses himself with his pronunciation. Katharine confuses embarrassment and rudeness.

36:30 A 42-year-old man covered in 29 Miley Cyrus tattoos wants to get them removed. Katharine and Carolyn share what tattoos they have and what they mean.

45:00 Sammy does not like Sondheim’s Into Woods. Carolyn has stolen the roles of minority actors.

47:15 We discuss Season 3 of a show that may or may not be Orange is the New Black, which Carolyn has only seen half of.

1:10:00 Outro

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