Episode 64: Kat Gotsick

kat gotsick

Comedian, writer and optimist KAT GOTSICK brightens up the PopFury podcast! She talks about her volunteer work, Game of Thrones season five, turning her dating life around and the tale of SpoonerSalmon.


0:00 Intro

2:20 Kat is a glass-half-full optimist.

4:00 Kat volunteers for the All Star Project of Chicago

8:50 We chat about Game of Thrones Season 5 with conversational detours to Homeland, The Fall, Black Hawk Down and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

27:55 We break from Game of Thrones to talk about her controversial comedy origins in Washington DC. Sammy interrogates Kat about her bad relationships in the past.

35:30 We abandon Game of Thrones completely when Sammy finds out Kat got a dating coach. She shares why she got one, what she learned and how it improved her dating life.

44:45 We talk about good…and bad…first dates. Behold the tale of the Salmon Spooner.

52:15 A 115-year old woman shares her secrets for longevity. Sammy runs Kat through the checklist and learns way too much about women’s lingerie.

1:02:30 The French Consulate issued guidelines for behavior to French Tourists in the US.

1:06:25 Red eyes after swimming are not caused by chlorine, but by urine.

1:11:10 Sammy wonders what advice Katherine would give her younger self.

1:13:20 Outro

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