Episode 6: John Anderson

John Anderson AKA Flynn Rider

JOHN ANDERSON strips down to his skivvies in Studio 1Q to talk about the Game of Thrones, The Hobbit trilogy, Masters of Sex and the Mythbusters shake up.


John takes off his pants because he’s hot.

We talk about him looking like a Disney prince and working at Groupon.

We jump back and forth between the Game of Thrones and The Hobbit…and John curses the Hobbit movies and outlines his problems with them. He also talks about his problems with Cowboys & Aliens.

Sammy forces John to come up with “definitive” endings for random GoT characters.

John digs Masters of Sex and recounts his “dinner” with Lizzy Caplan.

He’s currently digging the CNN documentaries Chicagoland and the 60s.

Finally, we discuss the Mythbusters shake up and John works through his feelings about it.

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