Episode 58: Stephanie Weber

Stephanie Weber

Comedian and writer STEPHANIE WEBER returns home to Chicago! Things take a turn from the silly to the serious when joking about teens in the news leads to a deep dive into body shaming, a personal journey of acceptance, and an eye-opening discussion of her uncomfortable experiences as a female comedian.

We also talk about a restaurant called Tallywackers.


0:00 Intro

1:35 Stephanie just moved back to Chicago and dove right back into comedy hustle. Sammy wonders how she decompresses. Stephanie once denied a homeless man a donut.

11:20 Her abuela is a Santerian Saint who is married to Voodoo Doctor.

15:20 Stephanie is dating a musician. She then plugs his EP.

17:07 We talk about the difference between NYC and Chicago. We both share awkward public transit stories involving teens.

21:30 A sixth grade boy had to hand write an apology to a 911 dispatcher.

26:07 A high school issued a sexist letter regarding graduation ceremony attire. The bodyshaming tone of the letter leads to…

30:05 …Stephanie recounting her own body issues and experiences growing up as a Cuban girl who developed early. Sammy wonders when Stephanie finally shifted her self-perception for the better.

43:15 Caitlyn Jenner will be on the cover of July’s Vanity Fair. Stephanie feels the name’s spelling is a subtle insult to Kris Jenner.

47:35 Stephanie shares what it was like when she started improv in Chicago. We dovetail into the rumors surrounding Louis CK…

56:30 …and Stephanie talks about her uncomfortable experiences as a female comedian in both NYC & Chicago and the thought processes behind speaking out.

1:09:10 An all-male version of Hooters called Tallywhackers opened in Dallas.

1:11:35 Outro

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