Episode 57: Grant Collins

Grant Collins

Improvisor GRANT COLLINS takes time away from the beach to talk about the Gator Tag, the Charlie Charlie Challenge, Memorial Day craziness acros the nation and what Grant would come back as if he was reincarnated.


0:00 Intro

0:40 Grant was just in Alabama.

2:45 Grant is working out again after a bout of dealing with physical injuries and we compare our ailments.

6:52 Sammy found Grant’s old blog…which has only 2 entries.

9:40 Grant saw Tomorrowland…with D-Max seats! He recalls the days of drive-in theaters and explains Gator Tag to Sammy.

17:22 Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights is in Netflix’s Bloodlines.

21:12 We talk about the Charlie Charlie Challenge. Grant spooks Sammy with tales of the Bell Witch.

25:40 A waterspout carried away two Bouncy Castles…with children inside! Grant shares a pool party pick up tip.

30:30 A man choked his fiancee because she said Indy Car racing is better than NASCAR. Sammy needs Grant to explain why that was so upsetting.

34:05 A boater drowned while trying to save his cat.

38:00 The Dalai Lama says he might be reincarnated as a blonde woman. Grant has a very specific vision of his reincarnated self.

43:05 A man with a medically augmented manhood may have committed suicide. Grant is following a plastic surgeon on Snapchat.

47:10 A woman’s intelligence is far more attractive than her bust size says an evolutionary biologist.

51:35 California’s OSHA is enforcing new rules on the porn industry.

54:40 The new Point Break Trailer was released.

57:50 Outro

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