Episode 56: Kyna Lenhof

Kyna Lenhof

Podcaster and comedian KYNA LENHOF talks about brush with cancer, her amorous trip to Australia, her new travel podcast and living/working with a ghost.


0:00 Intro

0:45 Kyna’s life is currently a series of irritations: she has lost her phone and is suffering from multiple flat tires.

5:20 Kyna shares her experiences of being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer—from keeping it off Facebook to how people talked to her to bad treatment metaphors to reconstructing her breasts, we cover it all.

39:45 She is the co-host of a new podcast: XX, Will Travel. Kyna once visited Australia, made out with her tour guide…and then got a ride back from his girlfriend. She also hates birds and being pooped on by birds.

58:50 A man stripped naked when he found out his flight was overbooked.

1:01:20 A backyard birthday party was ruined when poop fell from the sky. Sammy explains Google “safe search” to Kyna.

1:04:45 A man fell off a catwalk onto organ pipes at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. Kyna talks about living with a ghost.

1:13:35 Outro

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