Episode 55: Lisa Linke

Lisa Linke

Actor and comedian LISA LINKE hits the PopFury Podcast with her thoughts on L.A., the Mad Men finale, 50 Shades of Gray and, of course, conjoined twin sex.


0:00 Intro

0:40 Lisa shares what kind of music she’d play as “DJ Lawless”

2:00 We talk about the recently opened Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max

6:20 Lisa came back into town for her niece’s graduation—Sammy doesn’t understand why.

10:00 Lisa explains why she’s a better fit for L.A. then Chicago, why she moved away and the hustle for acting gigs.

17:50 Sammy found out Lisa had a gig on show he is pretty sure is called Lady Horse and Daughter Horse (“Mère et Fille”). Sammy questions her special skills sections on her actor website. Lisa explains the difference between an agent and a manager…maybe.

24:30 SPOILERS FOR MAD MEN SERIES FINALE We dig into the MAD MEN series finale as we share our thoughts on the ultimate fates of all the characters.

45:05 Crayola is warning against using their colored pencils as eyeliner pencils. Lisa explains Leaping Bunny certification for animal testing.

49:55 Alan Thicke makes love to his wife to a song by his son, Robin Thicke.

51:50 A teacher was going to show 50 Shades of Gray to their students as a reward. Lisa breaks down the allure of Twilight and 50 Shades of Gray. Sammy gets skeezed out by 50 Shades fandom.

59:00 Sammy and Lisa fall down the rabbit hole of speculating about conjoined twin sex.

1:05:35 Outro

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