Episode 54: Jenn & Andy

Jenn Gibbons and Andy Junk

Adorkable couple JENN GIBBONS and ANDY JUNK crowd into Studio 1Q to talk about their California bike trip (and possible ghost sighting), Round 1 of their relationship, watching X-Files together and their competitive Dr Mario play.


0:00 Intro

2:00 Jenn & Andy recount their their 600-mile, 2-week bike trip in California. Sammy suspects they met a ghost.

16:00 Jenn is currently hungover. Jenn and Andy recount how they first started dating. Somehow Shawn Bowers gets named dropped constantly.

23:00 They try to watch X-Files together but Andy falls asleep constantly. They also watch Friday Night Lights, Peaky Blinders and Top the Lake together. Jenn declares David Duchovny a sex addict and what do you do as a sex addict.

34:15 They play Dr Mario competitively against each other. Dr Mario addiction runs in Andy’s family. Andy shares his lyrics for Dr Mario.

38:40 They have a dog together and struggle to communicate its size to Sammy.

42:00 The Mad Men finale airs before the podcast goes live. Sammy asks for Andy’s pre-emptive guess on how it is received.

43:45 CSI is ending after 15 seasons. Jenn goes down the rabbit hole of her Grey’s Anatomy love. We poorly recall Irene’s slap from Real World.

50:00 Taco Bell is opening a location in Wicker Park that will sell alcoholic drinks. Massachusetts Police issues a warning not to chase bears with a hatchet. We realized we don’t know bear protocol.

55:30 A man got upset when a fast food restaurant didn’t have Mac & Cheese or potatoes.

56:40 We run down the box office results for the weekend.

1:01:20 Outro

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