Episode 53: Tiff Svitko

Tiff Svitko

Comedian and Indiana treasure TIFF SVITKO storms into the desolate hellscape of Studio 1Q and barks orders at Sammy. Tiff talks about the funny men are better in bed article, Dad Bod (& Mom Bod), the MRA nonsense with Mad Max: Fury Road and scary movies.


0:00 Intro

2:00 Sammy gets Tiff’s take on the “funny men are better in bed” article.

9:55 Tiff got a text for Mother’s Day and watched Brain Games. Sammy thinks he’s the reason Tiff is single now and learns her break up coping strategies.

14:00 Dad Bod bothers her.

18:30 Tiff is pretty sure she saw a potential therapist on Tinder.  Thom Yorke image appeared on marital sexual help book in Iran.

24:41 The Mad Men season finale is coming. Tiff doesn’t have cable so she sits in the dark thinking.

28:35 We take a turn for the serious when we discuss what it’s like to be a women and Men’s Right Activists and MRAs calling for a boycott of Mad Max: Fury Road.

44:15 The Olive Garden will offer Breadstick Sandwiches.

46:00 Tiffany has issues sitting still and watching movies. She has a strange attraction to Michael Meyers from Halloween.

52:15 She recently watched 9 to 5 & Amelie.

57:27 Outro

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