Episode 51: Stephen Winchell

Stephen Winchell

Cartoonist and podcaster STEPHEN WINCHELL nerds out over Avengers 2, mainlines Bar Rescue episodes, recalls Nickelodeon game shows and shares his days working at a movie theater as the world’s strictest usher.


0:00 Intro

1:00 Steven has a beard and Sammy wonders if he’s concerned about the poop particle kerfuffle.

4:45 We cover Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. We share our thoughts on the movie, the Marvel cinematic universe as a whole and run down the recent Joss Whedon controversies that cropped up immediately after opening weekend.

21:05 Stephen is a huge fan of the Afterlife with Archie series, where Riverdale is overrun by zombies accidentally conjured by Sabrina the Teenage Witch. We can’t believe the Marvel Movie’s reluctance to do female-hero movies.

25:45 He adores the “reality” show Bar Rescue and its host Jon Taffer. We delineate the levels of fakeness/reality on Total Divas.

31:45 A Price Is Right contestant won a useless gift. Sammy asks Stephen for his favorite gameshows.

38:50 A man robbed a Subway and was arrested at Potbelly across the street. Stephen thinks the robber was making a statement. He would be willing to go to jail for Panda Express.

43:15 A woman being held hostage snuck a 911 message into her Pizza Hut order. Sammy recounts working at Little Caesar’s. Stephen shares stories from his time working a movie theater.

53:00 84% of millionaires consider themselves middle class or upper middle class.

58:50 A couple was convicted of having sex on the beach. There’s just not a twist, but TWO twists. Sammy and Stephen share their most public hook ups.

1:06:49 Outro

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