Episode 49: Tim Dunn

Tim Dunn

Actor and podcaster TIM DUNN┬áreturns from 4 months at sea! We talk Daredevil, the “funny men are better in bed” study, TV shows he’s catching up on and Sammy’s sheer incredulity that Tim somehow has a girlfriend.


0:00 Intro

0:04 Sammy doesn’t have time for an intro and gets right into asking Tim about ship life. Tim shares his ship survival tips.

3:30 Daredevil Talk Part 1 (SPOILERS): We dig into Netflix’s Daredevil series. Sammy thinks Tim kinda looks like Charlie Cox. A random lady in NYC thinks Tim looks like Quentin Tarantino.

10:45 We interrupt the Daredevil talk to discuss a study that says Funny Men Are Better In Bed. We determine Sammy is a locked down sexual fortress and Tim is an undefended open-air fort.

16:25 Daredevil Talk Part 2 (SPOILERS): We return to our gushing about Daredevil.

28:10 Tim has been trying to catch up on Kimmy Schmidt & saw Going Clear. Sammy wonders if Tim could be a Scientologist. He’s watching Empire despite not liking it, thinks Arrow has gotten ridiculous while he was gone and likes Admiral Adama leading SHIELD.

37:30 A Kingsman sequel is in development. Justin Bieber will be in Zoolander 2.

41:00 Airplane! or Blazing Saddles?

43:40 Bud Light printed a slogan on their beer that inadvertently endorsed rape.

47:30 A woman stabbed her hairstylist over a bad haircut.

51:10 An English man is painting penises over potholes in a UK town to get them fixed. Tim would paint penises on Playstation 4s.

54:45 Tim is adjusting to life off the ship. Sammy is stunned that Tim somehow has a girlfriend.

1:02:30 Outro, during which Tim manages to get the last word in.

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