Episode 45: Nate Sherman

Nate Sherman

Actor and comedian NATE SHERMAN visits PopFury on the eve of his birthday and nigh departure on a cruise ship gig. We talk about ship life, the Avengers, his regimented way of watching TV shows, his hatred of mermaids and the Sex Survey of Grilled Cheese Lovers.


0:00 Intro

0:55 Nate showboated at a high school track meet one time. He shares what ship life is like for him.

8:00 He has been the same height and weight since 8th grade. Sammy is puzzled anyone would make fun of him for being skinny. Nate shares what it’s like to play the acting game in LA.

15:38 He is excited for the Avengers and his favorite Avenger most of all, the Hulk. He also thinks Avengers: Age of Ultron’s plot is “Hulk does some shit.” Nate considers Avengers art and spoils Godzilla.

25:10 Nate is the OCD Rain Man of watching TV shows. He’s trying to watch Archer and Downton Abbey. He tried to watch Walking Dead. Sammy and Nate try to figure out the mindset of trolls who spoil things to be mean.

34:10 Nate is into sirens, but not into mermaids. Sammy imagines Nate as a parent and asks what advice he would give his kids. While discussing computer actors, Nate is excited by the word “palatial”

40:37 Madonna kissed Drake onstage. When talking about torrenting and Game of Thrones, Nate shares one of his issues with the show.

49:46 Sammy shares the results of a Sex Survey of Grilled Cheesed Lovers. Nate made Columbus one of the top ten gayest cities in America and recalls visiting a bear bar.

56:40 Nate tells Sammy how he met his girlfriend and talks relationships in general.

1:03:35 Human Centipede 3 is coming out. Nate hasn’t seen the newest Ant Man trailer but knows Ant Man slapped the shit out of his girlfriend in the comics. Nate pitches a helpful but racist Captain America movie.

1:10:00 Outro

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