Episode 44: Scott Goldstein

Scott Goldstein

SCOTT GOLDSTEIN, who’s apparently Facebook friends with everyone, talks about his love of reading Trip Advisor reviews, his recent stay in Japan, the glamour of tournament poker and the genesis of Flat Iron Comedy.


0:00 The pre-show chat actually engages Sammy so much it becomes part of the actual show. Scott works hard and plays hard. Sammy wonders if Scott’s forthrightness ever causes trouble.

5:10 Sammy reads the intro he would have normally given. Scott shares why he took a break from comedy.

13:15 Scott is obsessed with reading angry Trip Advisor reviews. Sammy asks about Scott’s online instigating.

19:20 He recently spent time in Japan where he missed two earthquakes, ate everything and witnessed prodigious drinking.

28:45 Scott ended up rooting for the home team in Japan (thanks to the power of social media) and explains how he came to root for the Cubs.

39:45 Flat Iron Comedy is his newest experiment. Scott encourages artists to let themselves fail.

46:40 Scott plays in poker tournaments and gives the low down on the glamour of it all.

1:00:33 Outro

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