Episode 43: Patrick Rowland

Patrick Rowland

Chicago comedian PATRICK ROWLAND loves his girlfriend, hates Step Up, doesn’t cry at movies, survived being shot and has had a dubious sexual education.

Buckle in folks, it’s a good one.


0:00 Intro

0:55 Patrick’s girlfriend was sick and he had to reschedule a PopFury recording. Sammy wonders how you know when to stay or go when your significant other is sick.

4:35 He went through a dating drought in his 20s. Patrick explains how he started dating his current GF and is now facing Sophie’s Choice when tossing joke T-shirts out before they move in together.

11:35 Patrick is a fan of the Hunger Game movies but not necessarily of the books. He doesn’t cry at movies but his brother cried at a movie apparently called “Computer”

17:05 A Hunger Games theme park is opening in Dubai (pronounced Du-bwhy)…as well as a Step Up live dance show, which Patrick hates.

20:53 Patrick shares his harrowing (and sometimes hilarious) story of getting shot on the South Side of Chicago while with his then-girlfriend…

28:30 …that he broke up with via letter.

31:28 Patrick explains his sexual non-education as a teen.

34:20 The Mrs Doubtfire bank robber is on the loose. HELLLLLLLLLLO THERE! Patrick imagines a movie based on the story.

38:40 Taco Bell is considering delivery. Patrick stopped by the Weiner Circle before the show.

45:45 He recalls his experiences for working for the Chicago Post Office.

50:55 Patrick digs Kimmy Schmidt and is excited for the return of Game of Thrones this weekend. Sammy wonders what kind of character Patrick would be in the GoT world. Patrick curses out Comcast along the way.

59:45 The Incredibles 2 has been announced and we’re both stoked. We’re much less enthused about the other Pixar sequels coming out.

1:02:35 Agents of Shield is spinning off a sequel. Patrick is looking forward to the next X-Men movie.

1:05:55 Outro

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