Episode 42: Jorin Garguilo

Jorin Garguilo

PopFury takes a turn for the philosophical and erudite when JORIN GARGUILO talks about What We Do In Shadows, Trevor Noah’s controversial tweets, Superman and The Muppet Show.


0:00 Intro

0:50 Jorin reminds Sammy of when Sammy blew his knee out during a show.

2:20 A very tired Jorin reflects and ruminates on his improv journey thus far. Sammy asks if Jorin has “made it.”

10:20 What We Do In Shadows, Jorin’s favorite movie of the year, has pooched Jorin’s favorite go-to bit

13:55 Jorin gives his take on the Trevor Noah Twitter situation then shares some of his own early Tweets.

20:55 He feels sorry for the Ole Miss student who bit the head off a live hamster in a Spring Break viral video. Jorin recalls an unusual Spring Break of his own with his good friend Jim.

30:50 Fast and Furious is expected to gross $150M dollars this weekend. Jorin thinks the F&F series will be cultural artifacts. The multi-ethnic casting inspires us to talk about Sleepy Hollow, the all-female improv group Dumpster and comic book movies.

37:30 Jorin dives into what makes Superman the best superhero and how writers get him wrong.

43:10 A Play Doh movie is in the works. The Muppet Show is coming back. Full House is coming back…as Fuller House.

52:30 OUTRO: Jorin begins the longest string of show plugs ever on PopFury.

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