Episode 41: Carolyn Sinon

Carolyn Sinon

Actor, photographer and firecracker CAROLYN SINON shares memories of a horrible boyfriend, tricks Sammy into watching a crappy movie, ogles wrestlers and ponders her metaphorical white whale.


00:00 Intro

1:02 Carolyn hates April 1st because it reminds her of her horrible high school boyfriend. Sammy thinks Carolyn was the horrible one.

7:05 She shares her father’s dating advice. However, Carolyn doesn’t share her feelings or her salsa.

12:05 Sammy is angry he was tricked by Carolyn into watching Into the Storm. She shares she has recurring tornado dreams.

18:55 She is looking forward to the new James Bond movie SPECTRE. Daniel Craig is the perfect man but Pierce Brosnan holds a special place in her heart.

21:03 Sammy’s research reveals Carolyn’s online lies.

23:37 Carolyn can’t watch scary things and has faked sleeping to get out of watching scary movies.

28:20 She’s not a fan of brownies. Also to Carolyn’s disgust, a NYC couple is offering cuddle sessions. Sammy valiantly tries to defend the practice and fails miserably.

35:10 European countries are requiring models to not be too thin.

40:00 Sammy is a Survivor Man guy, Carolyn is a Man vs Wild girl. We both love Kimmie Schmidt and its total opposite, Broadchurch

48:13 Sammy misspeaks and Carolyn ends up judging pictures of WWE wrestlers.

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53:10 Carolyn is digging Moby Dick. Sammy calls shenanigans and digs into her motivations and wonders what her white whale would be.

1:02:30 Sammy demands to know Carolyn’s Dream Job. She gives a surprising answer.

1:09:45 She going through a lot of life change recently but she’s cool with it.

1:15:54 Outro

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