Episode 40: Rob Grabowski

Rob Grabowski

Actor, improvisor and podcaster ROB GRABOWSKI rumbles in and rambles on! We gab about the amazing amount of reboots, returns and sequels coming to screens both big and small. We also dig into Indiana’s shenanigans and Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction!


0:00 Intro

0:55 Rob just HAS to watch movies like Breakfast Club and Demolition Man for his podcast. HE HAS TO.

2:20 Movie/TV News Run Down:

-Ip Man 3 will have both Mike Tyson and…a 3D Bruce Lee?

-Heroes is returning NBC. We both have low expectations and then reminisce about LOST.

-X-Files returns for a 6-episode run.

-Alien Nation is being remade.

-Coach is returning as well. Rob is too excited at the prospect.

-Sammy describes Big Bang Theory as “nerdface”

-Maggie with Arnold Schwarzenegger looks surprisingly good

25:00 We sidetrack into The Rock’s & Adam Sandler’s movie careers and motivations.

30:00 The new James Bond trailer for SPECTRE dropped! We chat about the Bond series and get confused by its villains as well as compare it to Kingsman.

37:30 The new Indiana bill has created backlash on social media and several major companies have threatened to not do business in Indiana.

44:40 Social media also was in shock over Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction. We wonder what we would have been posting on social media back in our high school days.

50:00 Rob is digging Bob’s Burgers, Better Call Saul and Fargo right now.

57:15 Outro

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