Episode 4: Korra Minisode


This is a special minisode edition of Pop Fury.

Pro Benders CLAYTON MARGESON and JOHN ANDERSON battled their way into the PopFury Temple, clamoring to chat about the Korra season finale. They also talk about Rick & Morty, Young Justice and Batman: Assault on Arkham.


Sammy’s intro: Clayton and John both raved about the Korra finale and talked about other animated shows they loved, so he created a special minisode combining their discussions.

Clayton was happy to see an airbender villain, thinks season 2 was not-so-great and loved the character dynamics of season 3. Both Sammy and Clayton agree Nick has treated Korra poorly. Both Sammy and Clayton agree Nick has treated Korra poorly.

Clayton loves the really dark and funny animated show Rick and Morty, which sounds like a twisted Back to the Future.

John is amazed by what they put Korra through this season and how dark the show gotten.

We discuss a little more about the behind the scenes issues with Nick and Korra.

John the “rules” of shows and compares it to improv. He likes shows with consequences and strong personality traits.

We discuss the more mature Batman: Assault on Arkham and Young Justice.

You can hear Clayon and John’s full episodes in upcoming weeks.

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