Episode 39: Diane Teng

Diane Teng

Chicago actor DIANE TENG dashes into Studio 1Q to dish about male hemlines, ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat, make out parties and love.


0:00 Intro

1:40 Diane has a website that she doesn’t know how to change.

3:45 She’s a fan of trolleys…but not of marriage.

7:45 Diane digs good hemlines on the fellas. Sammy confronts Diane about a recent Facebook post.

11:15 We both really like Fresh Off the Boat on ABC–which leads Diane to share her hate of dudes hitting her because of her ethnicity. She explains which kid she’d be on FOTB.

20:00 She got burnt out on the concept of school in college and is on a break from school.

22:45 Starbucks is ending this phase of their controversial #RaceTogether campaign. Diane totally missed it.

25:40 She was excited to see Cinderella but had her issues with it.

29:00 Sammy asks if she’s ever been in love…Diane gets real and shares the dramatic fall out.

39:20 Diane explains “make out parties” and “ABC parties” to a bewildered Sammy.

46:30 A convicted sex offender worked temporarily as a mall Easter Bunny. Diane judges Sammy for judging.

49:30 A $7M shelter and Cat’fe will be opening in Chicago which riled some folks, but not Diane, who won’t even kill spiders.

54:10 One of the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles has died.

56:45 Diane doesn’t watch scary things because she’s sensitive.

1:02:25 Outro

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