Episode 38: Amy Nico Schwartz

Amy Nico Schwartz

Chicago comedian AMY NICO SCHWARTZ takes time from her busy schedule of being constantly attacked to chat with PopFury about Snurfing, Skanking, proposing to her fiance and her hatred of politicians with R in their name.


0:00 Intro

01:10 Amy has held a lot of crazy jobs, many of which at some point involved someone attacking her. She also considered herself the “robin hood of date rape” in college.

10:30 She gives Sammy the lowdown on snowboarding AKA “snurfing”–also, again, she was attacked at some point.

15:40 Starbucks launched the #RaceTogether initiative. That should go well.

19:30 A man spraypainted his face black to hide from the police. Amy talks about her own run-ins with the police.

24:10 Amy explains “skanking” and makes Sammy feel like an old man.

26:30 She tells the story of how she proposed to her boyfriend.

32:04 A man forcefully entered a home to take his knives back. Amy imagines a future in Boring, Oregon.

37:20 Mitt Romney will be boxing Evander Hollyfield for charity. Amy equates Mitt to Kid Rock and recounts Mitt’s “Who Let the Dogs Out” incident. She also hates Rahm Emmanuel.

44:05 A British mother let her son dress as Christian Gray from 50 Shades of Gray. Amy remembers reading Shaquille O’Neal’s biography as a child and just read a biography of Mother Jones. She hopes to be assassinated twice at the end of her life.

53:00 She’s hoping to shoot two pilots this summer.

55:20 Outro, with a special mid-credit surprise

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