Episode 37: Ryan Ben

Ryan Ben

The “owner” of the Popfury podcast RYAN BEN stops by Studio 1Q to share his owner’s report, detail his upcoming trip to South Africa, reminisce about chasing thieves and worry about boner spiders.


0:00 Once again, Ryan Ben giggles through his intro

1:05 Unsolicited, Ryan delivers the Official PopFury Podcast Owner’s Report. He delivers both good and bad news on the state of the PopFury podcast.

4:05 Ryan just moved in with his ladyfriend, who immediately left for Africa. He gives advice for how to live with someone. Ryan also explains why he doesn’t buy into the whole tortured artist thing. Sammy grills Ryan on his travel plans.

19:00 We agree Chappie looks mediocre. Ryan has 200 DVDs he can’t bear to part with; he talks about his favorite movies and directors he’s given up on.

29:15 It is St Patrick’s Day weekend in Chicago. We share our “worst drunk person interaction” stories and ruminate about the internet making people ruder.

33:40 Police found a meth lab in an Indiana WalMart…which reminds Ryan of working at WalMart during high school. He recounts the Shoe Department incident.

39:25 Ryan owned a “bad ass” powder blue 89 Thunderbird in high school that had the owner’s death paperwork in it.

43:45 While working at Hollywood Video, he once chased down a DVD thief. Sammy once chased down a shirt thief in the Loop.

53:30 Ryan is training for the triathlon.

52:45 The “terror owl” has been captured in Amsterdam. Ryan is more terrified of the “boner spiders”

58:00 A penis transplant has been declared a success. Ryan is really concerned about the array of penises available.

1:03:00 There is a prank pregnancy test available. It is also Steak and Blowjob day.

1:05:30 A Norwegian man gave his pregnant girlfriend an abortion pill-filled smoothie. Ryan goes off on an anti-Amazon rant.

1:11:45 Outro

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