Episode 36: Kellen Terrett

Kellen Terrett

Chicago comedian and cosmopolitan traveler of the world KELLEN TERRETT completes his international tour with a stop in Studio 1Q. We talk about his European vacation, food, shitty jobs we’ve had and the single best news story ever.


0:00 Sammy welcomes honorary Frenchman Kellen Terrett to the show.

1:00 We talk about Kellen’s trip to France and Switzerland. We tour the topics of selfie-sticks (and selfie-stick bans), the Facist Nice-zis of Geneva, drunk English tourists, being schmoopy, the horrible wonder that is the Catacombs…and the Catacombs Gift Shop.

21:30 Kellen recounts eating at the Jiro Dreams of Sushi of sandwich shops at the Red Baby Market and Paris’ horrible coffee problem. Sammy wonders about if all the foreign food affected Kellen negatively.

31:15 Dunkin’ Donuts is changing its powdered donut formula to remove a whitening agent that is also found in sunscreen. Sammy and Kellen dig into nutrition, eating local and eating better.

40:50 Kellen worked at a Cold Stone Creamery and Sammy demands to know more as we reminisce about shitty jobs we’ve held.

49:40 Kellen asserts that all the French smokers look cool and beautiful. He also loves their transit system.

54:20 Facebook removed the “feeling fat” emoticon due to user complaints.

57:05 Liam Neeson is thinking about quitting action movies. David Hasslehoff is going to be in Sharknado 3.

1:02:30 Kellen demands to talk about the rival Ghostbuster films and then we cast the Dog Ghostbusters. He then loses the female listeners by talking about nerd shit.

1:07:35 Someone tried to rob a WWE-themed restaurant and got bearhugged and bodyslammed by the co-owner.

1:10:20 We discuss the BEST NEWS STORY EVER.

1:14:30 Outro, during which Kellen teases the audience about his French tattoo

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