Episode 35: Asher Perlman

 Asher Perlman

Actor and comedian ASHER PERLMAN brings the laughs as we talk about Harrison Ford, House of Cards, vegetarianism and that one time Sammy got his ass kicked in junior high.


0:00 Intro

0:45 Sammy loves Asher’s SETTLED webseries. Asher was recently out west for pilot season.

4:00 Asher run downs his current projects he’d doing around town now that he has more free time. We talk about Harrison Ford’s airplane crash onto a golf course.

8:40 The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is now on Netflix and Asher is a fan of Jane Krakowski. He hasn’t seen Better Call Saul but is optimistic about the Avengers. We briefly meander through bad Kevin Costner movies which leads to Asher’s Fact of the Day.

16:30 The Ringling Brothers are phasing elephants out.

19:30 Sammy is surprised to learn Asher is a vegetarian. Asher is thinking of getting a Fitbit and enjoys the gamification of goals and making little bets. Sammy asks if Asher ever considered being a vegan.

29:35 Hall and Oates are suing Haulin’ Oats. Sammy wonders if Asher would do the same.

34:20 SPOILERS FOR HOUSE OF CARDS We dig into the latest season of House of Cards and how much we like it.

42:00 We wrap up House of Cards and move into Asher’s love the The Bachelor.

46:30 Asher has never been in a fight which shocks Sammy, who then is forced to recount his ass kicking in Junior High.

50:00 We take a moment to give Blair Beeken props then dive into Asher’s need for an iWatch. Sammy agitates for the Asher Perlman one-man show.

54:05 Outro

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