Episode 32: Stephanie Weber

Stephanie Weber

Comedian, performer and writer STEPHANIE WEBER visits Studio 1Q to chat seduction scenes, being a young weirdo, living in NYC and her Chi-rish family!


0:00 Intro

1:00 Sammy is confused by all of Stephanie’s travels and journeys and she explains what was going on.

3:50 Stephanie ghost wrote for a romance novel fiction factory and she had to write a seduction scene

8:30 She currently is a nanny in NYC

11:25 Stephanie runs down her childhood as a weird kid, being a martial artist and a her friendship breakup in high school. Also, her friend’s mom was having an internet affair.

28:50 Sleater Kinney released a video featuring Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers.

31:15 Stephanie is half-Cuban. We bond over ethnic food and our upbringing.

34:30 A mugger broke down crying after being caught mugging an old man.

36:00 NYC is expensive; Stephanie stuns Sammy with her living arrangements and her roommate’s antics.

42:00 The current season of Real World is in Chicago and Stephanie is digging it. She thinks one of the guys has a magic dick.

47:45 New Dr Seuss books are coming out. The Harper Lee situation makes us sad. We reminisce about going to video stores.

52:00 Stephanie rebounded after her friend break up and became class president. That attitude helped her make friends in NYC. She does impressions of both her South Side relative’s and her NYC friend’s accents. Stephanie met Jenny Slate who was thrilled to take a picture with her.

1:00:00 Stephanie is in a long distance relationship with a musician. This grosses Sammy out.

1:05:00 Little Ceasar’s is introducing a bacon-wrapped pizza.

1:07:00 She went to a Christian college in a crappy neighborhood. Sammy wonders if the students used the buttsex loophole.

1:13:20 The HBO documentary on Scientology comes out next month.

1:15:45 Outro

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