Episode 31: Julia Weiss

Julia Weiss

Chicago comedian JULIA WEISS shares the Brown Line poop incident, her Tinder swiping criteria, the origins of her feminism and her sheer unadulterated hatred of Seventh Son.


0:00 Intro

1:05 Julia got into Star Trek it during her days at Groupon but just can’t handle Odo’s face.

2:55 She talks about her run-in with MRA Twitter trolls

6:30 Julia had someone poop their pants next to her on the train. We dive into relationship poop etiquette, poop OCD and pooping ourselves.

16:55 Julia hates Tinder. She then explains her Tinder standards as an aggressive left swiper.

20:00 We talk about her dating life because Sammy is nosy. We disagree on the nature of love.

26:30 The NSA is suspected of implanting spy programs in the firmware of hardware. This leads us to talking about Scandal and Felicity.

28:30 Julia thinks everything should be an accident when starting a relationship; she’s not down with internet dating and is only good at flirting when there’s no chance of absolutely nothing happening.

34:50 She saw Seventh Son on Valentine’s Day. She HATED HATED HATED it.

40:15 Sammy’s use of a word sets Julia off causing Sammy to dig into the genesis of Julia’s feminism in Indiana at college and if it affected her relationships.

54:35 Sammy confesses what he finds scary about Julia.

57:08 Julia’s explains how Anneliese Toft came into her life. Sammy tries to convince Julia to see Kingsman.

1:01:45 She doesn’t give a fuck about the Oscars and reiterates how much she hates Seventh Son. She loved How to Train Your Dragon 2. Julia is currently grinding it out and hustling for gigs. She’s seen people she knows on Tinder.

1:08:45 Spoiler Alert if you’re not caught up on Scandal.

1:10:30 Outro

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