Episode 30: Sarah Shockey

Sarah Shockey

Singer, performer and podcaster SARAH SHOCKEY offers to counsel WWE wrestlers, reacts to Whiplash and recounts some awkward teen moments growing up!


0:00 Intro

1:00 WWE’s Seth Rollins’ fiance tweeted out naked pics of him on his account during a live show as revenge for cheating on her. Sarah is anti-cheating and offers her services as a counselor. She saw the ding dong pics.

4:45 Sarah recounts her boyfriend’s recent dental emergency.

8:10 She saw Whiplash on Valentine’s Day and it really resonated with her. We end up talking about our high school tennis experiences. Columbia’s Comedy Studies was a turning point for a then Ayn Rand-loving Sarah. She has problems watching stuff where people get in trouble.

21:12 Sammy saw that 50 Shades of Gray was playing in IMAX. Sarah shares that she watches the terrible Oogieloves.

26:00 A woman put a potato in her vagina as contraception. We remember about our sex ed classes back in elementary school. Sarah shares her flashlight tag story. We then talk about our first kisses. Sarah almost won her theater program’s stalker award.

36:15 Sammy wonders what was like 9/11 was for Sarah, who had just started high school that year.

40:00 Danish authorities have killed the the suspected shooter in the Denmark attack. Sammy wonders about Sarah’s travels in the more conservative parts in the country. She once lived in Kokomo, Indiana which totally derails Sammy’s train of thought and he demands to know more.

46:50 Sarah once answered the phone and at home and it was a celebrity calling for her dad. She shares a WWE rumor with Sammy.

51:10 Sammy wonders how Sarah will feel if they legalize marijuana in Illinois. She explains when she finally felt like an adult.

53:36 Hackers robbed a hundred banks of over $300 million. We both don’t carry cash.

56:30 Rand Paul mocked Hilary Clinton with a parody Pinterest page. Sarah prefers Vine.

1:00:00 Outro where we confess our fear of Brock Lesnar

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