Episode 29: Mark Colomb

Mark Colomb

Chicago podcaster and comedy short creator MARK COLOMB┬áreturns to Studio 1Q! Mark dives deep into being a better person, proves he is more Filipino than Sammy, gives the lowdown on Harper Lee’s new book and defends George RR Martin’s creative process.


0:00 Intro

3:00 Talking about Steve Gadlin, who went on Shark Tank to pitch I Want To Draw A Cat For You, has a show called Starmakers that reminds us of the days of UHF programming.

7:30 Charlie Manson hasn’t married yet and his marriage license is expiring. Sammy is intrigued by Mark’s wedding ring.

15:50 Sammy wonders if Mark has ever found the Leonardo DiCaprio to his Martin Scorsese.

19:20 Sammy thanks Mark for getting him into podcasting and we talk about blockers in our creative endeavors. Personally, we’re both trying to be better people but it’s hard. We bond over our ADHD.

37:25 Sammy’s birthday is this weekend and he’s going to a gaming convention. We talk about breaking bad habits and creative output. Mark has horrible grammar and spelling and is lucky he married Mel. We delve in podcasting itself and why we do it.

47:50 Mark explains why his education was so bad. Mark, a Caucasian, is a better Filipino than Sammy whose mother was Filipino.

1:02:00 We do a quick dive into movies like The Raid 2, John Wick and Star Wars. Mark & Mel hosted a Royal Rumble wrasslin’ party.

1:08:45 Harper Lee, author of To Kill A Mockingbird, is releasing a second novel. Mark drops the knowledge on the whole situation. We then enter high-level legal negotiations. Mark declares ‘rational though’ cold on the EW Pop Watch.

1:13:50 Mark predicts this will be a long, disappointing year for nerds.

1:16:45 After marveling at the Mountain’s real-life feat of strength, Mark and Sammy argue about George RR Martin’s writing pace for Game of Thrones.

1:29:55 Outro, during which Sammy professes his love for Mark Ruffalo

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