Episode 28: Bryan Duff

Bryan Duff

Chicago comedian BRYAN DUFF braves the snowstorm to visit Studio 1Q! He waxes nostalgic for the WWE-inspired days of battling in the boys room and explains his disdain for the NFL.


0:00 Candid Pre-Show, where Bryan shares his video game strategies that made his opponents hate him.

2:00 Intro—Bryan takes issue with being called boisterous by Sammy. We talking about the Lincoln-Douglas debates and redneck scientists.

5:45 Sammy is intrigued by Bryan’s downstate upbringing in White Heath, Illinois. Bryan talks about letting loose a stray dog pack, bathroom stall wrestling and his sixth-grade friends, the self-named “Chain Gang” and their eventual end as they reached junior high. He also talks about what high school was like for him.

22:20 A racist grandpa can’t help but be racist, even when trying to explain he wasn’t being racist to the cops.

25:10 Bryan breaks down his issues with professional football such as concussions, reverse Robin Hooding and the racial socio-economics of the situation. He explains the controversy dogging some of the players to Sammy and how problematic football is for him.

40:45 Fall Out Boy apologized for ESPN playing their song all the time. We talk about separating the artist from their work.

44:20 A fourth grader was suspended after using magic from the Hobbit.

47:25 Bryan is in charge of his 10-year high school reunion and we reminisce about the hits of 2005.

49:30 Outro, during which Sammy is stunned Bryan has a group using a trademarked name.

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