Episode 27: Chris O Biddle

Chris Biddle
(photo credit Robert E Potter III / rep3.com)

Uptown Underground nightclub co-owner CHRIS O BIDDLE shares the eventful beginning of his 2015, which includes the opening of UU, getting engaged and his 40th birthday. We also dive right into nerd outrage and other geeky topics.


0:00 Intro during which Sammy wonders about the O in Chris O Biddle

1:50 Chris turned 40 this past week. His fiance, Liz, got him a scaled down version of his head.

6:25 He shares the story of how he and Liz reluctantly started dating

13:05 Cops raided the nightclub the night Chris proposed to Liz. He talks about the construction of the club and the tumultuous events of NYE.

23:00 We talk about hair appearing where it’s not wanted.

24:45 Sammy explores his issues with seeing boobies onstage. We recall stories of unwanted masturbation happening at normal, non-burlesque theater shows.

28:30 An ESPN analyst accidentally tweeted out a porn he was watching.

31:15 An invisible boyfriend app will send you texts and voice mails.

33:35 We dive into the world of nerds who get worked up online over minutiae.

36:10 Chris talks about the genesis of the Windy City Ghostbusters and the impending Ghostbuster movie reboot with an all-female cast.

43:30 Simon Pegg will co-write Star Trek 3. Sammy convinces Chris to watch the Fast & Furious movies. Chris convinces Sammy to watch Ocean’s 12 & 13.

47:16 He is looking forward to the return of Game of Thrones and recommends the Saga and Walking Dead comic books. We recall the first comics we ever bought and wonder how they and other media from our childhoods hold up. Chris tries to convince Sammy to read The Manhattan Projects comic.

58:54 While discussing Antman, we wonder about separating the artist from their roles (like Michael Douglas, Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson, Madonna). We return to nerd outrage when discussing Fantastic Four.

1:05:13 Outro

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