Episode 25: Daniel Strauss

Daniel Strauss

Second City’s DANIEL STRAUSS returns for the 25th episode of Pop Fury! We talk about how he doesn’t believe anything on the internet, the Charlie Hebdo attack, the return of Dave Maher and the passing of Jason Chin. He also yells passionately about stuff as he is wont to do.


0:00 Intro

1:55 Daniel is expecting his first child in March!

5:55 Sammy has fallen out of cheering for Michigan State University while Daniel is a staunch University of Michigan fan…who doesn’t know the new incoming coach’s name. He feels Penn State was not punished enough.

10:05 Sammy brings up the high school coach who accidentally snapchatted himself masturbating to his girls soccer team.  Daniel believes that’s fake since everything on the internet is fake and begins to rant about faux celebrity Instagram accounts (like Banksy)  and internet joke thievery.

22:15 A woman accidentally shot her husband who was making breakfast in bed for her(DANIEL THOUGHT THIS STORY WAS FAKE BUT IT WAS REAL). Sammy shares the story of the girl who beat someone for farting on her.

27:40 The Golden Globes are tonight. Daniel thinks no awards show matters. We talk about one of the nominees, Birdman, in depth. SPOILER WARNING FOR END OF BIRDMAN.

35:55 We talk about the Charlie Hebdo attack, pushing social boundaries, satire and art.

44:15 On a lighter note, we celebrate the return of Dave Maher, a Chicago comedian everyone thought was dead.

47:55 We take a moment to remember the recent loss of Chicago improv mainstay, Jason Chin.

54:20 We talk about the Antman trailer, the latest Justice League movie rumors, Gone Girl, the Hunger Games, Chappie

1:02:40 Daniel loved New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom 9 wrestling event and it highlighted the problems with America’s WWE product.

1:05:35 Daniel watched a bunch a movies when his wife was out of town. We touch on Lost In Translation, 500 Days of Summer and a foreign movie I can’t spell.

1:12:23 Outro

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