Episode 21: Mary Beth Smith

Mary Beth Smith

Comedian, scientist and podcaster MARY BETH SMITH drops pop culture knowledge on Sammy when she visits Studio 1Q. She talks about her love of Pizza, the Jeff Dunham special, the birth of her critical movie watching filter, Parks & Rec and The Comeback.


0:00 Intro

1:10 Sammy is impressed that Mary Beth is a scientist and wonders why she doesn’t have an accent. Mary Beth used to children’s theater with her dad.

6:05 Mary Beth talks about her hometown of Lancaster, South Carolina, which was listed as the most vulnerable town during the recession.

10:58 She explains her job a bit more in detail after Sammy thinks she’s helping the bad guy lawyers.

13:25 Mary Beth loves food, especially pizza. She gained a jalapeno allergy from eating too many jalapenos.

18:50 Sammy stuns Mary Beth when he plays the racist ring tone he overheard on the shuttle bus from work. It is still for sale on iTunes. She shares the story of her family watching and enjoying the Jeff Dunham special, All Over the Map .

28:40 Sony pulled the Interview after threats from hackers. Mary Beth talks about the Transformers and the Fast and Furious movies. Sammy tries to convince her of the awesomeness of the Fast and Furious movies. She’s enjoyed Birdman, Boyhood and Nightcrawler recently. She admits to becoming a movie lover late in life and talks about the beginning her watching movies critically.

42:15 The trailer for the final season of Parks and Rec came out and Mary Beth professes her love for the show. She is a cornucopia of Parks and Rec knowledge. She also is a big fan of With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus. She also talks about her favorite Brenden Jennings bit.

50:10 Mary Beth read tear-jerking but dark YA books A Fault In Our Stars and Looking for Alaska. She lovedSNL’s parody of YA film trailers.

53:00 Netflix is making a Wet Hot American Summer series. She absolutely recommends They Came Together and Sammy recommends Obvious Child. On TV, Sammy is looking forward to Agent Carter and The Sing Off. Mary Beth also recommends The One That I Love.

1:02:15 SCCSR—a dating app for lesbians has been released. This leads us to chatting about the wonderful work of Cameron Esposito.

1:06:00 Mary Beth invokes her bookmark and we talk about The Comeback.

1:13:25 During the outro, Sammy reveals their forgotten improv connection.

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