Episode 20: Michaela Petro

Michaela Petro

Chicago actor and troublemaker MICHAELA PETRO sets Studio 1Q ablaze when we talk about Chicago theater, TBOX, dyeing your armpit hair, Layaway Angels and movies.


00:00 Intro

00:26 Sammy mispronounces Michaela’s last name to start the show. She shares the process of determining her SAG name because of her voiceover work.

4:10 Michaela is from Waterbury, Connecticut which is the brass capital of the world. She explains her college trials and tribulations and how she eventually ended up at Columbia College in Chicago.

10:45 She is still figuring things out and finding her creative voice. We talk about the Chicago theater scene. Michaela shares her favorite show she’s done over years and why it meant so much to her.

20:25 She is an Irish Twin and her mother supports her artistic endeavors. Michaela recently just wrote a horror short piece called The Sirens.

25:35 TBOX was this weekend in Chicago. That’s not her style and she explains what her drinking style is.

30:54 Women are dyeing their armpit hair. This leads us to wondering about being in-touch with modern online stuff like Vine, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (which Sammy 100% believes is for dick pics). We talk about America’s sexual puritanism.

44:15 We talk about the IUD and birth control. Michaela talks about breaking up with the guy she moved to Chicago with. She doesn’t use Tinder but has friends who do.

48:25 A Layaway Angel paid off everyone’s layaway gifts at a Toys R Us.  We talk about money and generosity. I ask her about her ideal life…which involves Tom Hiddleston or a French guy who knows capoeira

57:15 We talk about the Sony hack and the rumored Men In Black / 21 Jump Street crossover movie. Michaela is only on board for ½ of that combo. Sammy saw Bronson and we rave about Tom Hardy. Sammy saw Love Actually right after and Michaela shits all over it.

1:04:50 Sammy segues into the outro to let Michaela plug herself, but she ends up plugging and praising other people.

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