Episode 18: Ashley Nicole Black

Ashley Nicole Black

ASHLEY NICOLE BLACK invites herself into Studio 1Q and we dig into Scandal, Ferguson, Scandal, moving to LA, Scandal, sitcoms and the new Star Wars trailer! Also: Scandal.


We talk for a good long while about Scandal—this season, previous seasons, favorite characters, hated characters and bad wigs. Oh, and all the sexy times on it. Along the way, we also talk how Ashley couldn’t make it past the Season 2 of The Wire AKA the Dock Season. She couldn’t watch True Detective because all the white people looked alike. Ashley is totally in love with Idris Elba and pitches a story angle for him to be on Scandal.

We then talk even more Scandal. Sammy is surprised that Ashley could watch it with her parents in the room.

Rupert Murdoch was a dumb dumb in defending the Caucasian casting of Gods and Kings.

Ashley doesn’t like when TV shows change. The upcoming movie adaptation of Into The Woods makes her sad. Her dad is obsessed with Craig Robinson and think Ashley knows all black comedians, like the person Key Peele.

We talk about Dave Maher’s recovery and Facebook posting on Thanksgiving.

Ashley and I dig into the online social media turmoil in the wake of Ferguson and Facebook/Twitter drama. We both can’t help but read internet comments and discuss the people suffering the consequences of their posts. We talk about the female journalist who contacted the mothers of online trolls who threatened to rape her.

She is flying back on the Red Eye to LA on New Year’s Eve. She talks about the differences between Chicago and LA. We delve into modern sitcoms, their failures, their successes and, coincidentally, someone texts about that very topic while we’re talking. We wonder what the great sitcoms of our time are, watercooler TV and multicamera sitcoms.

We abort the outro to talk the Star Wars trailer. Ashley has never seen any Star Wars films and offers her thoughts on the teaser. She breaks Sammy’s brain. Ashley doesn’t get people who don’t understand an oppressed group of people fight in real life but support it movies in Star Wars and Hunger Games. Sammy snuck a peek at the leaked Annie movie.

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