Episode 14: Mel Evans

Mel Evans kissing her beloved husband in Las Vegas

Chicago comedian and podcaster MEL EVANSĀ bops into Studio 1Q to chat getting married, street harassment and a metric crap ton of TV shows!


Sammy thinks Mel has found her improv niche.

Mel is recently married. Her life now is much different than when she first moved to Chicago and hit the ground running. She strongly recommends getting a wedding planner. Mel talks about her and Mark’s first date and how Mark tricked her into dating him.

Mel will watch series finales of shows to see if she wants to watch them, which astounds Sammy.

We talk about her issues with Outlander, despite it being a show built for someone like her. She would remain true to her husband even if she was trapped in the past.

Mel and Mark were married by the Wedding Wagon, which appeared on the Shark Tank (not Shark Week).

Mel has an opinion about Iggy Azaela, whom Sammy has only heard parody songs or mash ups of.

We discuss the Avengers trailer and the viral street harassment video kerfuffle

We we were shocked by Halloween’s Chicago weather and where we’d move to if we had to leave. Mel talks about her experiences when she first moved to Chicago.

The Virgin Galactic test rocket crashed this week. Mel starts talking about someone Ned Rocknroll and leaves Sammy befuddled.

Sammy plugs Obvious Child to Mel but Planned Parenthood beat him to the punch. He recommends the Flash to her. Mel talks about Gotham.

Mel is totally down for the newly announced Captain Marvel and we run through various casting options.

Mel did not have a fun time when performing on a ship for Second City.

We talk about upcoming seasons of Game of Thrones casting news the divergence of the books and show. Mel is currently reading the Dresden Files and recommends the books of Tana French and Jasper Fforde.

Mel is totally into the Serial podcast and listens to multiple times when it comes out.

She loves Dean Ambrose and wrestler’s thighs in the WWE.

We briefly chat about Gracepoint/Broadchurch before diving into Dr Who. Mel outlines her issues with Clara and we agree Danny Pink is the best boyfriend ever. Sammy confuses Michelle Gomez and Michelle Rodriguez and uses that to talk about Fast and Furious 7’s trailer.

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