Episode 13: Shannon Noll

Shannon Noll

Stand up comedian SHANNON NOLL visits Studio 1Q to talk stand up, Bones, delivering wings at UConn and her teen years.


Shannon doesn’t want to give away plot details of Space Boy, an Annoyance Theater Show she is a part of.

Shannon still gets hit on guys after she does a stand up set about being gay.

She talks about stand ups and improvisors socializing, the stand up scene and Sammy thinks stand up open mics are just like the ones from 80s movie.

Shannon is in withdrawal from Orange is the New Black.

Sammy likes rewatching Frasier. Shannon thinks rewatching TV is heinous.

Shannon loves Bones. We discuss the lead actors sexual proclivities and she doesn’t even know David Boreanaz’s name. We both dig Gordan Ramsay and his shows.

She’s worked crappy food service jobs and we talk about her experiences delivering wings on the UConn campus, which included delivering wings to a guy with blood on his shirt. Shannon stands up for the Lady Huskies basketball team.

Shannon lived on a friend’s dairy farm while delivering. Sammy is stunned at all the stuff he didn’t know about Shannon as she talks about moving to Chicago, college and her drop out high school years. Sammy doesn’t know how to cope with all the revelations. We talk about the changes medication has on personality. Sammy gets the vapors hearing Shannon’s history.

Sammy wishes Shannon would move and gets sad that she hasn’t yet.

We bond over Ebola worries.

We talk about the Ho-lex incident in NYC. Shannon decides she wants to try the thief’s trick. We agree the victim dude looks like a tool. Shannon thinks he has a vagina beard. Shannon then insults Sammy’s facial hair. We talk about Chicago’s brutal winter and where we’d move to if we left Chicago.

Sammy makes fun of Shannon’s Twitter handle and then she describes a too-hip underground comedy show she’s a part of.

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