Episode 12: Louie Saunders

Louie Saunders

Prolific performer LOUIE SAUNDERS stops by Studio 1Q and dishes with PopFury so long that he runs late for a show! We chat improv, his personal life and his burning hatred for the movie the Crystal Skull and the animal the otter…among many, many, many other things.

(Because of the length of this podcast, its been slightly edited to keep the improv shop talk and the pop culture chatter in separate halves!)


0:00 INTRO

2:00 IMPROV: Louie shares his advice he’d give to his younger self, dating improvisors, performers who create offstage drama, being happy for the success of others, staying for other team’s sets and theaters having performers pay their coaches. He misses the days of CIN (the Chicago Improv Network message board).

35:35 POP CULTURE: Louie talks about the Christmas Gift prank, raves about the book Hyperbole, describes Human Centipede, digs Johnny Ryan’s Prison Pit and is semi-uncomfortable with Faces of Death. Louie discusses his interest in the Zodiac Killer and we talk about our fears and fascination in the grotesque. We share our daydream fantasies and his excitement about the return of Transparent. Sammy cannot comprehend Louie’s urge to get naked when drunk. Louie details his visits to two very different strip clubs. He once deadlifted a stolen parking meter on a dare. We whisper for a little bit because Louie loves whispering. Louie HATES the movie Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and also HATES the animal the otter. His dream is to get a book published. Louie realizes he’s running late for a show and we wrap up hastily!

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